Financial Assistance for Low-Income Residents in Maricopa County

Are you a low-income resident of Maricopa County, Arizona looking for financial assistance? Learn about the Division of Community Services (CSD), loan programs, social service centers, clothing cabinets, furniture banks, thrift stores, funeral assistance programs,

Financial Assistance for Low-Income Residents in Maricopa County

Are you a low-income resident of Maricopa County, Arizona, in need of financial assistance? The county offers a variety of resources to help you with rent, utilities, and other expenses. From emergency grants to loan programs, there are many ways to get the help you need. The Division of Community Services (CSD) is part of the Maricopa County Department of Human Services. It provides emergency financial support for rent, mortgages, and public services to eligible residents.

To apply for assistance, you can complete the online application through the Maricopa County Customer Portal. The CSD also works with partner agencies located throughout the Valley to provide direct services. These include local community action programs that can connect you to resources and support. The loan program helps Maricopa County residents who are struggling to repay high-cost title loans.

It can help you find the path to healthy credit and financial success. Veterans may be eligible for the Veterans Benefit Banking Program (VBBP). You can also visit one of the nearly 20 social and family service centers in Maricopa County. Here, you can apply for social services and emergency financial aid.

If you need household items, free clothing, school supplies, or other basic items, there are several clothing cabinets, furniture banks, and thrift stores in the county. You may also be eligible for funeral assistance for burial and cremation if you have lost a loved one. Maricopa County households may be eligible for assistance with utility deposits or with electricity, gas, water, sewer, and garbage services. The county also offers comprehensive primary health care to areas without medical services and to patients regardless of insurance status or ability to pay medical bills.

Mary's Food Bank's home delivery program helps deliver food to individuals and families who can't travel to a local food bank. The PPEP can also help with other needs in Maricopa County such as GED tests and information about government benefits like SSDI. The charity administers a number of social services, referrals, and possible financial assistance programs for families in Maricopa County.

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