Financial Assistance for Maricopa County Residents: What You Need to Know

Are you a resident of Maricopa County looking for financial assistance? Learn more about the grants and other resources available to eligible residents.

Financial Assistance for Maricopa County Residents: What You Need to Know

Are you a resident of Maricopa County, Arizona, and in need of financial assistance? If so, you may be eligible for a range of emergency assistance programs for rent and utility services. The Maricopa County Department of Human Services (CSD) works with partner agencies located throughout the Valley to provide direct services and connections to resources and support. In addition, the county has partnered with the Arizona Food Bank Network (AFBN) to develop a grant system so that organizations can identify their most critical needs and ensure they have the right equipment, staff and supplies to meet the needs of the community. The company, in partnership with non-profit agencies in Glendale, Arizona, can provide grants to pay a portion of the water or utility bills of eligible customers. The PPEP can also help with other needs in Maricopa County, such as GED tests, information about government benefits, such as SSDI, and more.

The funds used to address food insecurity are one of several initiatives that Maricopa County leaders have prioritized to support an equitable recovery from the pandemic and address the special needs of the most vulnerable in the community. If you are looking for free credit counseling agencies in Maricopa County and Phoenix, Arizona, you can find information including addresses. You can also learn more about the financial, educational and support resources available to eligible Maricopa County residents at www. Phoenix Short-Term Crisis Services: This is a state resource managed by community action agencies in Maricopa County. Maricopa County households seeking help with their utility deposits or with electricity, gas, water, sewer and garbage services may be eligible for assistance. The ICM, based in Maricopa County, also offers other types of support, which may include referrals to apartments for low-income people, case management, and requests for benefits such as WIC.

Maricopa County Salvation Army Centers: There are several locations throughout the county, including in Phoenix and other local locations. Social and family service centers: Maricopa County residents have nearly 20 different locations where they can apply for social services and emergency financial aid. If you are a resident of Maricopa County looking for financial assistance or other resources to help you move from crisis to long-term sustainability, there are many programs available to you. From grants to pay a portion of your water or utility bills to free credit counseling agencies and social service centers offering emergency financial aid, there are many options available to you. To find out more about these programs and services available to you in Maricopa County, visit

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